The area known as  Flagler County has lived under many flags

We live in an area rich in history.  What is designated as Flagler County today is one of the oldest settled areas in the United States.  Much work has been accomplished by local historians, groups, and writers to document the rich background of where we live. Flagler County has a remarkable selection of preserved historical sites and places to visit.  This includes work by the Friends of the Library of Flagler County who in 2001 began their "Flagler Memories" project to preserve interviews with our long time residents. It has been continued by The Flagler County Historical Society, guided by archivist Mr. Sisco Deen and the many others who contribute to our historical memories.  
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Flagler Oral History - recordings of sound and life experiences of long-time
Flagler County Residents


WUCF TV Road Trip Flagler -  7-26-2018

Florida Frontiers - Flagler County 100th Anniversary

One Central Florida - Bulow Plantation
A Public Television film with James Fiske and Bill Ryan

Lewis and Clark follow the Old Brick Road with Bill Ryan - First Coast News Jacksonville

U Tube Videos of Flagler County -  history videos of Florida.  Flagler Time Traveler films

See Flagler Memories Video  videos of Flagler Historic Sites

PBS television shows, Bill Ryan videos of historic sites


Bunnell High School and Flagler Palm Coast High School yearbooks from 1950 to 1987 from Sisco Deen collection.  Scanned in as pdf files.

Bunnell Home Builder December 1918 and 6 volumes.  Bunnell Development Company Papers and Manuscripts
New scans from Sisco Deen collection by University of Florida digital collections.  The story of early Flagler County development now available on-line.

Hernandez images - tracing the images of Joseph Marion Hernandez

Investigation of artifacts at Bulow Plantation Ruins
Report by Professor James Davidson University of Florida for
Flagler County Historical Society
- news report  Daytona News Journal.

Palm Coast Historical Society & Museum

Flagler County Historic Roads - a  effort to mark and
identify the historic roadways in Flagler County.

Flagler County Families - History and records of early Flagler County Families

Flagler County Veterans Day Monday, May 27, 2019
Honoree: Pvt. Joseph Brady Wadsworth, USMC
Speaker: Capt. Sisco Deen, USAF Retired

CPO James Booe Chapter 86 DAV remarks by Sisco Deen of December 7th 1942

Flagler Beach Museum

Florida Agricultural Museum

Early Times - History talk of Old Kings Road by Bill Ryan in Power Point format

John Horse, black Seminole leader, and Coacooche, fighters in
the Indian rebellion along Old Kings Road.  Events that changed our history.

Library of Congress Veterans History Project in Flagler County - history of our
Flagler veterans for Library of Congress.  CD Rom discs in our history annex and library collection.

Visit Flagler - current events from Flagler Tourism Board

Flagler Parks and Public areas -

Papers and archaeological survey of  Flagler History

Flagler Archeological Survey 1988

Tidewater Report  - December 2019 Flagler shore line and early history

Archaeological Investigation at Cabin 1 Bulow Plantation Ruins Dr. Davidson & group

Dead Lake in Western Flagler - far from dead.  Last stop for steam boats.

Flagler County History - remarks by Albert J.Hadeed

Flagler County Public Library History  - the formation of our Public Library system

Flagler County Court House History - by Mary Ann Clark

Flagler County Public Library History  - the formation of our Public Library system

Flagler County Court House History - by Mary Ann Clark

Florida's New Deal 1933 - 1943  National Register of Historic Places,
material used for nomination of Bunnell City Hall


The Espanola Schoolhouse, at 98 Knox Jones Ave., Bunnell was added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 22, 2020  It operated from 1950 to 1957 as an elementary school and from 1958 to 1970 as an independent kindergarten.  It was restored in 2001 by Rev. Frank Giddens, Queenie Jackson and community leaders. History researcher Randy Jaye reported that this makes the 12th Flagler County properties to be listed which include:  Bulow Plantation Ruins (1970), Bunnell [Coquina] City Hall, Bunnell Water Tower (2019), Cherokee Grove (1997), Dixie Highway-Hastings, Espanola and Bunnell road (2005), Holden House (2018), Mala Compra Plantation Archeological Site (2004), Marine Studios (1986), Old Bunnell State Bank Building (1992), Vocational Agriculture Building (2007) and Washington Oaks Historic District (2009).  Randy Jaye had previously completed the nomination of the Holden House, Bunnell City Hall, and Water Tower in Bunnell.

HOLDEN HOUSE CENTENNIAL (1918 - 2018) paper by Randy Jaye
 Holden registry paper.
Bunnell Coquina City Hall registry paper
Bunnell Water Tower registry paper

History of Flagler County -  compiled by Judy Kent

History of Flagler County by Sisco Deen, written for the City of Palm Coast
Historical Society.

History of early Flagler - by Sisco Deen

History of Flagler Place Names by Sisco Deen

Hernandez family items at Holden House Annex - General Hernandez and Flagler County

HOLDEN HOUSE CENTENNIAL (1918 - 2018) paper by Randy Jaye
 See Holden registry paper.

MalaCompra Plantation of General Hernandez at Bing's Landing

Matanzas and the massacre of the French

Old Kings Road - historic road thru Flagler County

Princess Place Preserve "Once upon a time a princess lived here"

Underground Railroad ran South to Florida.  It did travel on Old Kings Road

"The Search for Old Kings Road" history books by local historian Bill Ryan.  King's Road Series

"I am Grey Eyes - a story of Old Florida"
"Osceola  His Capture and Seminole Legends.

Bulow Gold - a story of Bulow family and plantation.
New painting of what may be Osceola's wife and child
Films by Bill Ryan - Old Kings Road, Osceola capture, Mathew Brady Civil War

The Lost Plantations of Flagler County - talk by Bill Ryan

Shell Bluff Park - a new park in Western Flagler Count

DeBraum 1765 survey of our area and map plus Sisco Deen Shipwreck collection - new paper by Bill Ryan

Spanish Treasure ship and the search for its gold

Strawn Orange farm buildings at Florida Agricultural Museum

USS Flagler (AK-181) World War II cargo ship named for Flagler County.

Women vote in Flagler County November 1920

WPA-Built Flagler County Jail by Randy Jaye.



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