Flagler County
Verbal History
Sound and picture interviews of Flagler's
                  Long-time residents, personal memories

By the close of the Second Seminole War in 1842, Flagler County was virtually uninhabited. Almost all current residents of the County, or their forbearers, arrived here after that era. We represent a diverse cross section of ethnic and racial origins. We came from many places and for our own reasons; many were looking for the “good life” promised by land developers. What we brought to the experience, what we found here and how we adapted create our own personal life stories.

 The staff of the Flagler County Public Library and members of the Friends of the Library began an oral history project in 200l as an effort to preserve samples of these memories and relevant images for the future. This collection of oral life histories seeks to sample the common themes and unique stories of selected local residents. The compact disk/ digital format was selected as the best available method for recording the materials. There was no intent to create a history of the county or any of its cities, towns and settlements, though individual stories often reflect those of the area.
Interviews by Dr. Judy Kent
Production by Bill Ryan
Editing Anita Noad