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The mission of the Flagler County Historical Society is to promote historical and cultural research and education for the benefit of the community.

The headquarters of the FCHS is the Holden House, 204 Moody Boulevard and its Annex in Bunnell, Florida.

 The FCHS was chartered as a Florida non-profit corporation on October 25, 1983,  and is a 501 ( c ) 3 tax-exempt organization.  A Board of Directors is elected annually in January and usually meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month.   Quarterly membership meetings are held at various locations in Flagler County.  History lovers are invited to join by paying $15 for an individual membership, $25 for a family, $50 for a business/corporate membership.

The Holden House and History Annex are located across from the old Court House in Bunnell Florida
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History News Issue 2 Our current status and hopes in the time of COVID-19

Congratulations to 2020 officers Ed Siarkowicz President, Jan Reeger Vice President, Theresa Owens Secretary, and Linda Jarosz Treasurer and Board of Directors Prunie Rodgers, Jan Reeger, James Fiske, Claudia Malo, Rob Creal, Diane Marquis, Thea Mathen, Linda Jarosz, Theresa Owens, Fran Anderson, Bill Ryan, Susan Baird, Ashley Gonzalez, Dale Allen, Tonya Gordon..

Lifetime Committment Awards were given to Sisco and Gloria Deen, and Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Susan Baird, Robbie Creal, The Flagler Beach Historical Museum, Tom Duncan, Carol Elliott, and Seth Shortlidge for their contributions to the Flagler News Tribune Digitization Project.

Family stories needed!  Has your family a connect to the 1916 Seventh Day Adventist Church in Bunnell or its work in Espanola?

President Ed Siarkowicz's has entertaining video tours.  Stuck at home? 
Enjoy some of Dr. Ed's fun video tours.  Here are some recent ones for you:

NEW!  Revolutionary War Sawmill and history preservation - talk Ed Siarkowicz
            Video tour of History Annex by Ed Siarkowicz - pay us an on-line visit!
            Visit the Holden House Museum - have you driven by but never been inside?  Enjoy Ed's Tour.
Diane Marquis The Little Red Schoolhouse.
         Bill Ryan talks about his own history and our goals.

           Flagler Beach Museum Virtual Tour
             Speaking about Flagler Potatoes - a lost spud
            Old Kings and the Dixie Highway (Brick Road) our first historic highways into Florida.

Items of note:

The 1917 Alice Scott Abbott Seventh Day Adventist Church approved for
return home in Bunnell - a possible new history treasure

Alice Scott Abbott Church study by American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Volunteer Report by Debra Veenema, Volunteer Coordinator

The Espanola Schoolhouse, at 98 Knox Jones Ave., Bunnell was added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 22, 2020  It operated from 1950 to 1957 as an elementary school and from 1958 to 1970 as an independent kindergarten.  It was restored in 2001 by Rev. Frank Giddens, Queenie Jackson and community leaders. History researcher Randy Jaye reported that this makes the 12th Flagler County property to be listed which include:  Bulow Plantation Ruins (1970), Bunnell [Coquina] City Hall, Bunnell Water Tower (2019), Cherokee Grove (1997), Dixie Highway-Hastings, Espanola and Bunnell road (2005), Holden House (2018), Mala Compra Plantation Archeological Site (2004), Marine Studios (1986), Old Bunnell State Bank Building (1992), Vocational Agriculture Building (2007) and Washington Oaks Historic District (2009). 
Randy Jaye had previously completed the nomination of the Holden House, Bunnell City Hall, and Water Tower in Bunnell.

DeBraum 1765 survey of our area and map plus Sisco Deen Shipwreck collection
-  paper by Bill Ryan

Bunnell High School and Flagler Palm Coast High School yearbooks from 1950 to 1987 from Sisco Deen collection.  Scanned in as pdf files.

Bunnell Home Builder December 1918 and 6 volumes.  Bunnell Development Company Papers and Manuscripts
New scans from Sisco Deen collection by University of Florida digital collections.  The story of early Flagler County development
now available on-line.

Flagler Historic Sites now on National Register by Randy Jaye

NOTICE: Historic County Bus Tours normally held third Tuesday of each month
  Reservations in advance are required.
Please call 386 437 0600  information. We will reply to recorded requests.
THERE IS A WAIT LIST FOR TOURS  email reservations:  [email protected]
Bus trips are on hold until the Virus Emergency is over.  All reservations made are held on a wait list as of date received. When tours are resumed you will be notified, and your reservation priority held.  New and expanded tours
are being planned.  Stay on our list, we will resume when it is possible and safe.

Flagler Television or video presentations - entertaining Flagler video

The Flagler County Historical Society hopes to produce an on-line show Flagler County Time Traveler, which will appear on U Tube or similar video channels.  The "roving reporter" styled show will feature history facilities, sites, collections, events, and interviews and will both serve as a teaching tool to bring history's lessons to modern day living and a means to develop Flagler County history tourism.  Here are links to productions of the past about remarkable Flagler County.

WUCF TV Road Trip Flagler - new 7-26-2018

Florida Frontiers - Flagler County 100th Anniversary

Heritage Cross Roads - Miles of History  Heritage Crossroads was the first Florida Heritage recognized site.
This is an excellent overview of some of the historic sites in Flagler County - produced in 2011.

One Central Florida - Bulow Plantation
A Public Television film with James Fiske and Bill Ryan

Lewis and Clark follow the Old Brick Road with Bill Ryan - First Coast News Jacksonville

Zach Zacharius Curator Museum of Arts and Sciences on Dixie Highway (Old Brick Road Flagler)

U Tube Videos of Flagler County -  history videos of Florida.  Flagler Time Traveler films

New Books by members of Flagler County Historical Society

Images of America Flagler County - Sisco Deen and the Flagler County Historical Society.  New illustrated book by Sisco Deen celebrates the history of Flagler County.  Now available.  For more information contact [email protected]

Flagler County, Florida: A Centennial History by Randy Jaye  features an American county’s 100 year journey from a sparsely populated, rural, agricultural, timbering and non-developed coastal area to recently becoming one of the fastest growing areas in the United States.

Search for the lost plantations of Flagler County Florida  by Bill Ryan

Journey into History Flagler County Florida by Bill Ryan  Touring the historic sites of Flagler County and including
a trip down 'the Loop.' to the Tomoka Park.  Has gps locators of otherwise little known locations within historic Flagler.

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