History Annex Research Building
  • The History Annex has clothing, furniture and other artifacts of early Flagler County families along with many fine collections including:
  • Bound volumes Flagler Tribune 1918 - 1980

  • Digital searchable pdf files of Flagler Tribune 1918 - 1980 on Annex Computer

  • Copies of Bunnell Home Builder 1912 - 1918

  • Early St. Johns and Flagler maps

  • Framed photographs of early years

  • Inventories of cemeteries in Florida & Georgia

  • Over 6,000 indexed obituaries published in local newspapers

  • Individual files with information on Flagler places and organizations.

  • Individual files of Flagler County families.

Annex files are available for history researchers including papers and documents collected by history society members.  Bound newspaper volumes are now
offered only on digitable, searchable pdf files on Annex computer due to their fragile nature.
This website also offers links to scanned on-line material from Annex records.  These include:

Bunnell High School and Flagler Palm Coast High School yearbooks from 1950 to 1987 from Sisco Deen collection.  Scanned in as pdf files.

Bunnell Home Builder December 1918 and 6 volumes.  Bunnell Development Company Papers and Manuscripts
New scans from Sisco Deen collection by University of Florida digital collections.  The story of early Flagler County development
now available on-line.

Books donated to society by Bonnie Scott in 2000

Subject files

Historic photographs

Family files

Books, Magazines, VHS, BETA, CDs and DVDs

Map Room artifacts

 Flat, folded, rolled maps

White PVC containers with maps

Historical Florida and Flagler County Maps (on-line digital)

Soil Survey of Flagler County, Florida - U.S. Dept of Agriculture conducted 1918, printed 1922 pdf file (original in map collection)

Meeting of historians and history lovers every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. - all are welcome!

  • Located behind the Holden House is the History Research Annex with history researcher Mr. Sisco Deen and his volunteer friends.  Here are collections of photographs and memorabilia of early Flagler.  This is a meeting place of memories and residents of Flagler County who visit to share and discuss their rich history. Files are available for historic research.

    It is open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Wednesday and on special occasions by request.

    Phone 386-437-0600





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