Tuesday November 2nd 1920 - the story of Women voting in Flagler County

The Flagler Tribune recorded that Harding and Coolidge swept the United States and that the Flagler Ladies voted for the first time.

The Bunnell Mercantile Company ran an advertisement praising the Emancipation of Women and wrote:

"Our wives and our daughters, sisters and mothers--God Bless Them,--will go to the polls and vote for a purer, a cleaner, a better government of the best country on the face of the globe on that day.

In the same issue was printed a letter threatening African American voters, however the paper reported that 174 of this registered group did vote.

copies of The Flagler Tribune in pdf format.  Taken from original newspaper copies within Flagler Historical Society Annex.

Advertisement celebrating the vote by Women

Bunnell Voting District #1

Dupont-Haw Creek District

St. Johns Park, Espanola, Shell Bluff and Ocean City

U.S. Congressman Michael Waltz remarks on Flagler County's Woman's History research